What is the role of the Lower Danubian islands in the modern and contemporary history of riparian communities and states of Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine? This interdisciplinary project tells the intricate history of these ecosystems and human societies at the crossroads of environmental history and multispecies anthropology.

Three years (2021-2023) project financed by UEFISCDI through PN-III-P4-ID-PCE-2020-1238 and hosted by the ‘Francisc I. Rainer’ Institute of Anthropology. PI Dr Stefan Dorondel.

Islands in the Anthropocene

Islands indicate a river’s pattern. They are large or small, streamlined or irregular, formed through the deposition of sediments or covered in vegetation. Through their features, islands are indicators for a river’s flow variability, as well as for the power and competence of transporting the sediment load. Rivers with islands also have a higher varietyContinue reading “Islands in the Anthropocene”

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