What is the role of the Lower Danubian islands in the modern and contemporary history of riparian communities and states of Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine? This interdisciplinary project tells the intricate history of these ecosystems and human societies at the crossroads of environmental history and multispecies anthropology.

Three years (2021-2023) project financed by UEFISCDI through PN-III-P4-ID-PCE-2020-1238 and hosted by the ‘Francisc I. Rainer’ Institute of Anthropology. PI Dr Stefan Dorondel.

Ruins in the archives

 “What’s old collapses, times change, And new life blossoms in the ruins” (Friedrich Schiller). Detail of Ada Kaleh island citadel wall, 1969. Photograph from the Institutul National al Patrimoniului Archive (Simian archive).  /// Ruine in arhive “Ce e vechi se prabuseste, timpurile se schimba, si viata noua infloreste dintre ruine” (Friedrich Schiller). Detaliu al zidului cetatii dinContinue reading “Ruins in the archives”

Reigning Danube: Forests, islands, birds and people

Srebarna, a village close to Silistra town, shelters a natural park, one of the “nature’s havens on the Danube” (Sevcsik 2014).  A kingdom of lakes, backwaters, animals, birds and an endless cover of reed and forests. Although there has been an attempt of the socialist Bulgarian government to drain the area for reclaiming agricultural landContinue reading “Reigning Danube: Forests, islands, birds and people”

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